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Project Update:

Valcourt currently has workers removing and replacing sealants on the 2nd floor of Buildings and 4. Valcourt plans to finish removing and replacing the walkway sealants of Buildings 2 and 4 this week. Valcourt also has workers removing and replacing the sealants at the townhomes. Valcourt plans to begin preparing the Base-Crete mock-up locations this week. Attached are photos of the current work and a few drone photos.




Valcourt 5.jpg



And Away We Go!


Update from Joseph Coleman, Project Engineer


                          O’connell & Associates:


"Valcourt is currently on the 4th floor of buildings 2 & 4 removing and replacing sealants. On buildings 1 & 3, Valcourt has completed the sealant installation process on the walkways. Valcourt plans to start removing and replacing sealants at the town homes next week."

proj 1.jpg

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